Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam

An attack of urolithiasis

  1. Lumbosacral zone is treated with an accent to zone of direct kidneys projection. Constant mode, maximal energetic level. Treat­ment until elimination of pain syndrome.
    If the attack of renal colic is eliminated, zones of ureters and urinary bladder are treated. Dozed mode, minimal or comfort en­ergetic level. One of universal zones and signs of asymmetry zone are treated. This is the end of treatment.
    If the pain migrates from lumbar region downwards along the ureter, it means that the concrement moves along the ureter. See next point.
  2. The concrement is "followed" by the apparatus along the
    ureter to the urinary bladder in accordance with the dynamics of
    painful sensations presented by the patient and with treatment of
    found zones of apparatus "sticking". Constant mode, comfort or
    maximal energetic level.
  3. Zone of urinary bladder projection. Constant mode, comfort
    energetic level, 5-10 minutes.
  4. In male it is mandatory to treat "billion dollar" zone and pos­
    terior surface of the penis, from radix penis to glans penis. Con­
    stant mode, minimal or comfort energetic level, 5-10 minutes. In
    presence of pain treatment is continued until its cessation and free
  5. Treatment of symmetric paired regions is mandatory.

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

Safety of application can be considered from two positions: the first - an electrosecurity, the second - absence of complications and by-effects. Differently, this device pulmonary patients and all the others without fears for the health can apply to decrease the HELL: it simply is not capable to render any other action, except for necessary . DiaDENS-Cardio it is convenient to use most without assistance - has put on a wrist and be treated on health.

It sense - so-called "floating" frequency (at treatment one is applied not, but the whole series of frequencies). With its help it is possible to achieve the necessary effect at struggle against a pain of the most various origin. However it is necessary learn, that application of a universal mode provides long, but rather slow anesthesia. It ideally approaches for work "on demand", i.e. in case of need.

To specify the diagnosis, it is necessary to address to the allergist who will lead specific diagnostics. To the patient skin test with allergen is put, and procedure is spent not during flowering - in November, December, January. The droplet of allergen is put on a leather, the scratch is done. As a result of allergic reaction there is an emission which causes reaction to a leather. After revealing allergen the doctor will give the recommendation on preventive maintenance.