1. In unilateral pathologic process treatment begins with the
    healthy side in dozed mode, moving the apparatus from top to bot
    tom. Treatment time makes 1/3 of the whole session time.
  2. Then the sick side is treated. Constant mode, comfort ener
    getic level, treatment duration makes 2/3 of the whole session.
  3. In bilateral inflammatory process treatment duration is di
    vided equally. Constant mode, comfort energetic level.
  4. If main complain is fever, at first DENAS therapy should be
    aimed at elimination of this symptom of the disease (see further
    Chapter 16, paragraph 16.4).
  5. Other main daily complains are treated.
  6. Treatment of universal zones, lumbosacral zone, etc.
  7. In acute inflammation treatment is performed every 2 hours,
    when the condition is better — 1-2 times per day, mean session
    duration — 25- 40 minutes, course duration - 8-10 days or until
    restoration of the affected condition.
  8. In chronic pyelonephritis it is better to begin apparatus treat
    ment in direct projection of urinary organs during an acute attack.
    After cessation of acute process 1 session is performed per day.
    Treatment course is 10-14 days. During remission period any oth
    er appearing complain should be treated (see Part 2).

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

Average time of a session - about 10 minutes, but also here it is not necessary to look at hours, being afraid to pass its termination. DiaDENS-Cardio itself will prompt the user when it is necessary to be disconnected, besides sound signals and a blinking of the badge-card represented on the monitor. And one more important detail which will be interesting to people who "are not friends" of technics. If you have forgotten to switch off the device in two minutes it will be disconnected after a session.

Thus, the device can be used and for treatment of habitual, chronic, periodically repeating pains, and at accidents. In fact in most cases the success of treatment more than on 50 % depends on rehabilitation which should begin with competently rendered first aid, and to come to the end with stabilization and as much as possible full restoration of the functions lost during illness.

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