Diseases of the stomach and duodenum

In pathologic conditions and diseases of the stomach and duodenum (pyrosis, pain in the epigastric region, nausea, vomiting; pyloric spasm, acute and chronic gastritis and duodenitis of various origin, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, etc.) the following scheme of treatment is recommended.

  1. When a complain appears, apparatus treatment is performed
    in direct projection of organ "presenting a complain"

    Constant mode, comfort or maximal (according to indications) ener­
    getic level. After elimination of the complain the treatment is dis­
    continued. In case of repeated complain the treatment starts again.
  2. Just after elimination of the complain of treatment time is
    spent in direct projection and in one or two of the following zones:
  1. segmentary ring at the level of the stomach or duodenum;
  2. found asymmetry zones;
  3. lumbosacral zone;
  4. universal zones;
  5. microcorrespondence zones;
  6. zone of the tongue.

Dozed mode, minimal or comfort energetic level. Constant mode is used for treatment of asymmetry zones.

  1. In acute diseases total treatment duration may vary from 1
    to 3 days.
  2. In acute attacks of chronic diseases after stabilization of
    condition treatment is performed once daily so that treatment time
    in direct projection of organ "presenting a complain" decreases
    day by day while treatment time in zones shown in point 2 increas­
    es. Total treatment duration is 7-10 days.

Complete analgetic effect is usually achieved on 1st-3rd day and a fresh ulcer is covered by healthy mucous membrane on 7th-9th day of treatment.

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

It is convenient for carrying with itself - to the compact device always there will be a place and in a ladies' bag, in a backpack of the gardener and even in a pocket of a jacket or a raincoat. And at last, with its help conveniently (or it is easy) to spend effective medical sessions in any place - in transport, in the machine, in the plane, in the street and houses.

Owing to this mode very fast effect of local anesthesia which is necessary for rendering the urgent help first minutes after a trauma is reached. Considering speed of action of a mode, the optimum operating time should make from 15 till 20 minutes.

The certain plants represent danger only during flowering, is more exact - than pollination. Therefore the knowledge of a place of growth and a calendar will help to avoid contact to pollen of dangerous plants.