Varicosis of anus and straight intestine

Treatment is performed once daily for 7 days in the following way:

  1. direct projection of hemorrhoids. If it is impossible, the ap­
    paratus is placed so that central and one of lateral electrodes con­
    tact mucous membrane of the anus. Constant mode, comfort en­
    ergetic level, treatment time is 10-15 minutes;
  2. lumbosacral zone. Dozed mode, search of small asymmetry
    zones, constant mode;
  3. universal zones;
  4. in hemorrhoid veins varicosis in pregnant apparatus treat­
    ment is performed only in direct projection.

Any alcoholic drinks are prohibited during treatment.
It should be taken into consideration that if anal bleeding associated with hemorrhoids occurred before, it can happen again for a short time.

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

Safety of application can be considered from two positions: the first - an electrosecurity, the second - absence of complications and by-effects. Differently, this device pulmonary patients and all the others without fears for the health can apply to decrease the HELL: it simply is not capable to render any other action, except for necessary . DiaDENS-Cardio it is convenient to use most without assistance - has put on a wrist and be treated on health.

It sense - so-called "floating" frequency (at treatment one is applied not, but the whole series of frequencies). With its help it is possible to achieve the necessary effect at struggle against a pain of the most various origin. However it is necessary learn, that application of a universal mode provides long, but rather slow anesthesia. It ideally approaches for work "on demand", i.e. in case of need.

How to learn, which plant causes in you an allergy? For this purpose it is necessary to tell to the doctor when you have symptoms of an allergy. If it occurs in the spring, in April - May most likely, that is pollen of trees. If the aggravation of an allergy begins in June, proceeds in July - August, at you - an allergy on flowering of meadow grasses. If the aggravation has begun in August, proceeds till October originators of an allergy are weeds.