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CHAPTER 1. RESPIRATORY ORGANS DISEASES 1.1. Zones of apparatus treatment 1.1.1. Zones of direct projection of the organ "presenting a complain" 1.1.2. Additional zones (see part 2, chapter 2) 1.2. Acute nasal cold (rhinitis, acute respiratory viral infection) 1.3. Laringitis, pharingitis (hoarse cough, dyspnea, dry throat, hoarse voice, dry obsessive cough) 1.4. Tracheitis and bronchitis 1.5. Acute pneumonia (acute lungs inflammation) 1.6. Acute attack of chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, bronchiectatic disease, pneumosclerosis 1.7. Bronchial asthma

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

Average time of a session - about 10 minutes, but also here it is not necessary to look at hours, being afraid to pass its termination. DiaDENS-Cardio itself will prompt the user when it is necessary to be disconnected, besides sound signals and a blinking of the badge-card represented on the monitor. And one more important detail which will be interesting to people who "are not friends" of technics. If you have forgotten to switch off the device in two minutes it will be disconnected after a session.

Owing to this mode very fast effect of local anesthesia which is necessary for rendering the urgent help first minutes after a trauma is reached. Considering speed of action of a mode, the optimum operating time should make from 15 till 20 minutes.

How to learn, which plant causes in you an allergy? For this purpose it is necessary to tell to the doctor when you have symptoms of an allergy. If it occurs in the spring, in April - May most likely, that is pollen of trees. If the aggravation of an allergy begins in June, proceeds in July - August, at you - an allergy on flowering of meadow grasses. If the aggravation has begun in August, proceeds till October originators of an allergy are weeds.