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Principles of DENAS THERAPY

It is convenient for carrying with itself - to the compact device always there will be a place and in a ladies' bag, in a backpack of the gardener and even in a pocket of a jacket or a raincoat. And at last, with its help conveniently (or it is easy) to spend effective medical sessions in any place - in transport, in the machine, in the plane, in the street and houses.

This mode is not solving at rendering the urgent help, but is absolutely necessary for carrying out of posttraumatic rehabilitation. Impulses DENS included in this mode, gradually increase on capacity. It promotes effective reduction of muscles, and pauses between impulses provide to a muscle high-grade restoration after reduction.

To specify the diagnosis, it is necessary to address to the allergist who will lead specific diagnostics. To the patient skin test with allergen is put, and procedure is spent not during flowering - in November, December, January. The droplet of allergen is put on a leather, the scratch is done. As a result of allergic reaction there is an emission „ŤŮÚŗžŤŪŗ which causes ‚ÓŽšŻūŪůĢ reaction to a leather. After revealing allergen the doctor will give the recommendation on preventive maintenance.