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Burn. Frostbite

    1. The earlier the apparatus DENAS is used, the better therapeutic effect
      will be and the less sequelae of thermal injury will develop.
    2. Zone of direct projection of complain is treated. The appara­
      tus is placed or, in necessity, moved step by step (in dependence
      of the area of injured surface) from center to periphery. Constant
      mode, comfort or maximal energetic level, until effect or for 20

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

It is convenient for carrying with itself - to the compact device always there will be a place and in a ladies' bag, in a backpack of the gardener and even in a pocket of a jacket or a raincoat. And at last, with its help conveniently (or it is easy) to spend effective medical sessions in any place - in transport, in the machine, in the plane, in the street and houses.

Thus, the device can be used and for treatment of habitual, chronic, periodically repeating pains, and at accidents. In fact in most cases the success of treatment more than on 50 % depends on rehabilitation which should begin with competently rendered first aid, and to come to the end with stabilization and as much as possible full restoration of the functions lost during illness.

How to learn, which plant causes in you an allergy? For this purpose it is necessary to tell to the doctor when you have symptoms of an allergy. If it occurs in the spring, in April - May most likely, that is pollen of trees. If the aggravation of an allergy begins in June, proceeds in July - August, at you - an allergy on flowering of meadow grasses. If the aggravation has begun in August, proceeds till October originators of an allergy are weeds.