Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.

Consciousless patient. Clinical death. Uncertain situation

  1. The mandible is quickly moved forward.
  2. Upper respiratory pathways are quickly sanated.
  3. Resuscitation points on the face are treated at once (

    constant mode, maximal energetic level, treatВ­
    ment time — 30 seconds per point.
  4. The points are alternated for 4 times.
  5. If no positive dynamics is observed, treatment is performed
    in constant mode with maximal energetic level in the region of the
    4th-5th intercostal spaces left to the breastbone (zone of front diВ­
    rect projection of the heart, apex beat region).
  6. In case of positive dynamics (the patient has inhaled, his lips
    became rosy, etc.) the following zones are treated:
  • hands with maximal energetic level;
  • collar zone from bottom to top; constant mode, comfort enВ­
    ergetic level;
  • zone of front or lateral projection of the heart ("rule of the
    palm"); constant mode, comfort energetic level.

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

Safety of application can be considered from two positions: the first - an electrosecurity, the second - absence of complications and by-effects. Differently, this device pulmonary patients and all the others without fears for the health can apply to decrease the HELL: it simply is not capable to render any other action, except for necessary гипотензивного. DiaDENS-Cardio it is convenient to use most without assistance - has put on a wrist and be treated on health.

Thus, the device can be used and for treatment of habitual, chronic, periodically repeating pains, and at accidents. In fact in most cases the success of treatment more than on 50 % depends on rehabilitation which should begin with competently rendered first aid, and to come to the end with stabilization and as much as possible full restoration of the functions lost during illness.

In favorable for аллергобольных the winter period it is necessary to spend preventive maintenance. For this purpose there is a method specific therapy - some kind of vaccination. In small concentration "guilty" allergen which is gradually entered to the patient gets divorced. Concentration is gradually increased, and at an organism stability to allergens which is caused by development of so-called blocking antibodies is developed. When there comes flowering, symptoms of an allergy are shown to a lesser degree, and even at all disappear. It is considered, that after 3-5 years preventive specific therapy there can come proof long remission. At pollinous its efficiency reaches 90 %.