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Acute maxillary sinusitis and acute attack of chronic maxillary sinusitis

  1. A physician's consultation is mandatory. In purulent exuda­
    tive processes only the physician and the patient should find the
  2. If conservative treatment is recommended, treatment is be­
    gun first on lateral surfaces of the nose and back of the nose. Con­
    stant mode, comfort energetic level, 5-10 minutes.
  3. Then zone of direct projection of the sinuses is treated in
    constant mode with comfort or maximal energetic level, 10-15
  4. After that "neck ring" zone is treated.
  5. At the end of session "three paths" zone is treated; dozed
    mode, search of asymmetry zones and their treatment in constant
  6. Treatment course lasts 5 to 10 days.

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

Safety of application can be considered from two positions: the first - an electrosecurity, the second - absence of complications and by-effects. Differently, this device pulmonary patients and all the others without fears for the health can apply to decrease the HELL: it simply is not capable to render any other action, except for necessary . DiaDENS-Cardio it is convenient to use most without assistance - has put on a wrist and be treated on health.

Thus, the device can be used and for treatment of habitual, chronic, periodically repeating pains, and at accidents. In fact in most cases the success of treatment more than on 50 % depends on rehabilitation which should begin with competently rendered first aid, and to come to the end with stabilization and as much as possible full restoration of the functions lost during illness.

The certain plants represent danger only during flowering, is more exact - than pollination. Therefore the knowledge of a place of growth and a calendar will help to avoid contact to pollen of dangerous plants.