Trophic ulcers

Trophic ulcers may complicate the course of numerous diseas­es (diabetes mellitus, thrombophlebitis, decubitus, etc.). The fol­lowing scheme of apparatus treatment is used for their eradication.

  1. First the skin in the area symmetric to the trophic ulcer is
    treated. Dozed mode, minimal or comfort energetic level.
  2. Then the ulcer edges are treated so that the apparatus elec­
    trodes are located simultaneously on the healthy skin and on the
    ulcer surface, perpendicularly to the ulcer border. The apparatus
    is moved step by step along the circumference (or perimeter) joint
    to joint, closing the ring. Dozed mode, minimal or comfort ener­
    getic level.
  3. The surface of ulcer defect is treated. The apparatus is moved
    step by step, joint-to-joint. Constant mode, minimal or comfort
    energetic level, 10-20 minutes.
    1. Apparatus treatment is performed until formation of fresh
    2. Do not forget about Malavtiline.

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

Average time of a session - about 10 minutes, but also here it is not necessary to look at hours, being afraid to pass its termination. DiaDENS-Cardio itself will prompt the user when it is necessary to be disconnected, besides sound signals and a blinking of the badge-card represented on the monitor. And one more important detail which will be interesting to people who "are not friends" of technics. If you have forgotten to switch off the device in two minutes it will be disconnected after a session.

It sense - so-called "floating" frequency (at treatment one is applied not, but the whole series of frequencies). With its help it is possible to achieve the necessary effect at struggle against a pain of the most various origin. However it is necessary learn, that application of a universal mode provides long, but rather slow anesthesia. It ideally approaches for work "on demand", i.e. in case of need.

The certain plants represent danger only during flowering, is more exact - than pollination. Therefore the knowledge of a place of growth and a calendar will help to avoid contact to pollen of dangerous plants.