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The following zones are treated.

  1. Universal central zones.
  2. Collar zone taking into consideration arterial and intracrani-
    al pressure.
  3. "Neck ring" zone.
  4. Special "speech" zones:
    • middle of nasolabial fold;
    • region of red margin of the upper lip;
    • zone located under the chin (projection of the oral cavity botВ­
    • thumbs of both hands;
    • the border of fingernails growth on every finger.
    Every zone is treated in dozed, then constant mode for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Tongue zone; constant mode, 30-40 seconds, minimal enВ­
    ergetic level.
    Lessons with logopedist should be continued simultaneously.

Principles of DENAS THERAPY

Using this device should not study. The only thing that is required, is to read through the small instruction, to find out, where and as electrodes of this device-bracelet should be located. Actually, it is the basic information which the user should know. All other process of use is automated: the device takes carrying out of a session under the control over that moment when you press the button «вкл».

Owing to this mode very fast effect of local anesthesia which is necessary for rendering the urgent help first minutes after a trauma is reached. Considering speed of action of a mode, the optimum operating time should make from 15 till 20 minutes.

In favorable for аллергобольных the winter period it is necessary to spend preventive maintenance. For this purpose there is a method specific therapy - some kind of vaccination. In small concentration "guilty" allergen which is gradually entered to the patient gets divorced. Concentration is gradually increased, and at an organism stability to allergens which is caused by development of so-called blocking antibodies is developed. When there comes flowering, symptoms of an allergy are shown to a lesser degree, and even at all disappear. It is considered, that after 3-5 years preventive specific therapy there can come proof long remission. At pollinous its efficiency reaches 90 %.